Thursday, July 28, 2011

AMSTERDAM SHOE CO. Lookbook Autum/Winter 2011‏

Amsterdam Shoe Company aims to create products that are true to their essence. We draw inspiration from the staples of men's footwear both casual and formal. Our aesthetic is modern and classic. Simple, elegant shapes executed in the right fabrics and subtle colors. Our products should complement what you are wearing, whether it's blending in seamlessly or providing for a subtle accent.

We are also influenced by our surroundings, our city. Our story is set in Amsterdam because that's where we live and that's where we play. We're inspired by Amsterdam's rich history of nautical voyages and one-time center of the world but also modern day Amsterdam which, with all of its arts and culture, acts as a magnet to creatives from around the world.

"Contemporary Footwear inspired by Timeless Classics"

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