Friday, July 22, 2011

T & F Slack Shoemakers - London

 Tim and Fiona Slack (T&F Slack) are married to each other and to their love of creating shoes, considered “modern classics” by industry standards. Their collection gives the classic “Gibson” or “Derby” shoe shape new life when unexpected color combinations, stitching details and fabrications are blended together.

 You can choose from the perforated Punch Derby in white leather with yellow peaking beneath, or have a custom pair made to order in their Notting Hill Shop, or use the simple “build your own shoe” system they’ve created within Selfridges and Liberty.

 Dedicated to keeping manufacturing local, they make around 150 shoes per month in their factory where old-fashioned machinery is salvaged and customized to create their “modern classic” shoes. With so much repetition in the world of shoes, it’s so refreshing to see a unique and bespoke solution that really does draw the eye downwards!

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  1. Hmm that's actually interesting to read! I'm noticing that designers in particular in Britain, they let you customise your own garment/shoe. That's pretty cool! Plus its also nice that its made in an old fashioned way. A vintage twist of modern!